Infection Control

Spore Testing

In compliance with ADA regulations our practice performs a weekly “spore test” to insure the proper and full functions of our sterilisers.

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Spores are the most resistant form of bacteria. Spore testing is when spore vials are placed in the steriliser and later incubated for 24/48 hours. Negative result insures the full effectiveness of the steriliser. If positive results occurs then the steriliser will no longer be used and deemed ineffective.

At the American Dental Center we perform a weekly spore testing for all of our sterilisers.

Working Hours

Our Normal working hours are as follow:-
Sunday – Thursday from 9am to 8pm
Saturday – 9am to 2pm (Reception Only)
Friday – Closed

Our Clinicians

Our clinical policy dictates that our general dentists and hygienist are U.S. or Canada licensed and / or certified by the American National Dental Board. Our specialists are highly respected and recognized consultants in the Sultanate.

Our Vision

To introduce a new level of oral health care to the Sultanate. To maintain a quality and ethical practice where patient’s best interest comes first. ADC is setting the standard by which the quality of dental care is measured.