Advanced Technology

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Digital Imaging

Radiography allows us to see everything we cannot see with our own eyes, this enables us to detect cavities in between teeth, determine bone level and health of bone. It also enables us to examine the roots and nerves of teeth, diagnose lesions such as cysts. At the American Dental Center we utilize Digital Imaging Technology in order to minimize exposure time and provide a much improved quality of imaging.

Digital X-Rays

To complement the shift to digital radiography, we also have the latest technology in digital x-ray scanning system. Digital x-rays offer more precision since images are computerized there is always an element of improving the image digitally compared to standard x-ray films.

Dental Microscope

Dental microscope enables our dentists to perform root canal treatment and other procedure with unprecedented accuracy and precision, increasing the success rate of the procedure. Without microscope dentist depends on “tactical sensation” to navigate the tooth canals. The microscope adds the visual dimension taking precision to a new level. American Dental Center is proud to be the first practice in Muscat to incorporate dental microscopy.

In-house Laboratory

In-house state of the art Laboratory to deliver high end cosmetic solutions and ultimate in precision dental prosthetics (crowns, bridges, veneers) .